Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"emits quality from the first opening crack of the hardcover until its final satisfying closing"

There's a cracking review of 'I Fought Them All' on Max Boxing.

'It emits quality from the first opening crack of the hard cover until its final satisfying closing,' writes Marty Mulcahey.

'I am not alone in my admiration of this book, with The Ring magazine’s Pete Ehrmann and Tracy Callis adding to the chorus of praise. Ehrmann calls the book, “Hugely entertaining and exquisitely researched. Revelations about Sharkey’s private life are eye-popping.” Ehrmann ended his review succinctly with, “It’s a great contribution to ring history.” 

'Callis, an influential International Boxing Research Organization member and widely respected voice inside boxing history circles, is effusive in his praise. “Whether one is a boxing historian interested in great detail or a casual follower of the sport, the book is a must-read about one of the ring’s top old warriors. A fighter of the Tom Sharkey caliber should have a book written about him. Greg Lewis and Moira Sharkey have done a splendid job."'

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