Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Press Release from: Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards

The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards is designed to promote excellence in independent publishing. Every book entered in our Awards is read by over fifteen readers and, consequently, the judging is very in-depth. They look at:
EDITING Is there a flow to the text or is it a scratched record? Is it full of tiny/gigantic errors?
THEME Is the book current/interesting/original/exciting?
STYLE Is it a page-turner? The beginning grips you and the ending knocks you for
COVER AND ILLUSTRATIONS Eye-catching? Age appropriate? Do they add to the

AWARD: Adult (Non-Fiction)
WINNER I Fought Them All, The life and ring battles of Prize-fighting legend Tom
Sharkey, Greg Lewis, Moira Sharkey

All of the runners-up and winners in the 2011 Wishing Shelf Awards were deemed by our panel to be excellent and, subsequently, we thoroughly recommend them.

The Wishing Shelf Awards