Friday, 27 May 2011

Knockout coverage on the Cyber Boxing Zone

Wow! Incredible coverage of the "fantastic new boxing book" 'I Fought Them All' over on the fight fan's internet Bible, Cyber Boxing Zone.
As well as the knockout coverage on the home page, top ring historian Tracy Callis has donned his gloves to celebrate the book's release.
"Finally," writes Callis, "someone has written a book about one of the roughest, toughest and most aggressive men ever to enter the ring. A fighter of the Tom Sharkey caliber should have a book written about him. Greg Lewis and Moira Sharkey have done a splendid job."
He praises the historical descriptions of Ireland and New York in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. "We come way with a much better appreciation of the social conditions and attitudes of the people."
But he concentrates on the descriptions of the great fights against Choynski, Corbett, Fitzsimmons, Maher, Ruhlin and McCoy.
"The description of his two fights with Jeffries are absorbing. Chapter Eight is subtitled 'Ninety-nine Minutes of Hell' [and is about] the second fight between the two super warriors. An awesome battle, indeed!"
Callis concludes: "Whether one is a boxing historian interested in great detail or a casual follower of the sport, the book is a must read about one of the ring's top old warriors."